Absolutely. We pour discounts on products you and the kids would definitely love. So, wait and get updated through our webpage and avail our biggest discounts and awesome packages.

There’s nothing to worry, each item has specific barcode that are systematically recognized once you placed your order. Nevertheless, all online customers will receive their receipt once the payment is done.

Generally, babytown is for everyone. We make toys for the kids but we sell for the adults. Because in most cases, it is the adults who do the purchasing for the kids. We help spark the best of your kids abilities an assurance that your your money won’t get wasted. You will definitely reap what you sow in due time.

Well for sure you wonder why we have 5 elements present in our logo. All these speak of our tagline “children learn by playing”. The cube you see on top illustrates versatility, in essence it is a three dimensional square that represents stability, permanence and geometric perfection all pointing out to child’s early stages of learning.

To add, the left hand embedded on the cube is associated to the advantages of a left-handed person. Scientifically they are good at logic, language, more conscious, creative and explores more solutions to a problem while the four squares surrounding the letter “T” indicates fairness and stability towards success. It was patterned to bricks to signify learning foundation, where kids potential can be unleashed in a very effortless manner. Lastly the B and T stand for Babytown, a company of top of the line learning toys in UAE.

We aim to have a global impact by providing unique learning tools for the kids all around the world. These are learning tools that veers from the usual technologies but can maximize your children’s potential in all aspects.


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