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Give your children toys that are safe and can help stimulate senses. Our smart toys can help develop their motor skills at early age.

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Toys with vibrant colors are fascinating to babies. As they grow, children can use toys to explore object permanence and cause and effect relationships.  As they explore they learn more about logic, symmetry and coordination.


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As they play, they learn how to handle challenges and solve problem without setting aside values which are essential foundation of a good character.


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Each day is an opportunity to learn, no day is ever wasted once the child gets to enjoy our smart toys. They become more aware of the environment and figure out how things get done from the simplest to the most complicated game they ever played.

Let your kids explore & discover things they haven’t learned yet!

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Baby town Trading your local toy store, is a  place that offers unique toys for kids of all ages-  the kids of today, our leaders of tomorrow. Baby town is an adaptive and innovative company which focuses on suiting to your child’s need.


Baby town offers a worthwhile experience through its brain boosting and skill building toys making every second the best time to spark your kid’s creativity by giving them the best things to enjoy! Baby town strongly believes that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

Surprise every kid you know with smart toys that will unleash their hidden potentials in various areas such as arithmetic, language and many more! Complete their childhood experience through our smart toys that are of exceptional quality, you’re assured of your children’s safety when you leave them with these stuff!


We are proud to become your partner in unveiling the best of your children’s abilities, may this site be of great help to you as hover and pick the best option for gifts in all occasion for kiddos of all ages!

Show off your kid’s creativity and spark their hidden talents.

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[service_horizontal_nd color=”yellow” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” title=”PUZZLES” description=”Get the best brain booster collection.
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[service_horizontal_nd color=”violet” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” title=”BABY GYMS” description=”Reward your child with the most comfy play gyms that help stimulate their senses. ” icon=” icon-thumbs-up”]
[service_horizontal_nd color=”orange” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” title=”ARTS & SCIENCE” description=”Explore creative science kits and fantastic art materials.” icon=” icon-globe-alt-outline”]
[service_horizontal_nd color=”blue” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” title=”SOLAR & ROBOTIC TOYS” description=”Fascinate every young child by surprising them with advanced building set.” icon=” icon-sun”]
[service_horizontal_nd color=”red” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” title=”BLOCKS” description=”Give your children a chance to build & get out from their comfort zone.” icon=”icon-cube”]
[service_horizontal_nd color=”green” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” title=”3D PENS” description=” Doodle your ideas using our 3D Pens! It’s far cooler than your regular pen. ” icon=”icon-edit”]
[service_horizontal_nd color=”greydark” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” title=”BEACH TOYS” description=”Complete your weekend getaway with our beach toys! ” icon=” icon-tree-1″]
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