The early learning stage of a child is crucial. Although kids vary in quite different ways yet it is no doubt that play has an important role in the learning process of our children. Play is one of the fun ways in which children learn. It builds a sense of self worth whenever children get to discover their hidden abilities. This makes them feel good and motivated to learn more, an indication of a good start for a preschooler who is yet to meet the real world.


Providing children with a range of playthings will help them learn in many ways. Beach toys can be an early introduction to science and math. Knowing that water is liquid,
not solid, and both water and sand can have different volume depending on its container are just few of the things you can teach your kid while they enjoy the beach.


We all know that children learn by comparing physical experiences, through dialogue and creative presentation. The concept of fun play often entices children to spare time for a full body activity that helps them develop skills they will need later in life such as Running, dancing, climbing, rolling and many more. All these foster muscle development and help fine-tune motor skills. They also gradually learn to show emotions and acquire knowledge through creative works and terms that they usually encounter during playtime.


Aren’t you curious on how your kids learn and what you can do to make them smarter? Here are four things some of us aren’t aware of:


Children learn by looking

It is important that we provide kids something that will be of benefit to them in the future. New shoes, dress and bags aren’t their stuff as of the moment. We’re all sure they’ll get there once they understand fashion but as long as they are still cute little babies, we, parents should be aware of what could help them better. We can show them how to read videos, or do it your (DIY) own videos, anything that looks fun and educates at the same time. By doing this, kids could easily grasp new words, concepts, ideas and many more.


Children learn by mimicking

Show your kids a video of your favorite singer, dancer, or any talented man you wish you are. Who knows this could be the best time to uncover your kid’s hidden potential? Don’t you know that kids learn by imitating? When they imitate sounds, or words they will eventually learn the right way of saying those words, when they imitate expressions, they are actually showing off some skills that are gradually being harnessed in them. Isn’t it exciting? So, better find the best thing you want your kids to imitate and prepare yourself to get surprised once they do it.


Curiosity leads them to learn

What’s interesting in their eyes are things that are worth learning! Parents must take note of that. Oftentimes, we forget that curiosity is good. Every parent must encourage their children to seek for knowledge and never stop until they know the answers. When kids get curious, simply be proud of them and wish that they will never lose the excitement of learning something new.


Toys entice them

Here’s the thing. As long as they are kids, toys will never get out of their sight. There’s always a room for playtime. So find the best smart toys that will challenge their skills and make them learn while playing. Definitely, this is the best part of their childhood life— when kids are still starting to learn all by themselves by exploring things they haven’t yet discovered. So invest and pick the best toys for them.


There are variety of ways kids get to learn. However, the role of parents are crucial when dealing with these things. All these are achievable and feasible but has to be fostered with love and dedication while watching your kids grow. Everyday is a learning opportunity our kids should not missed.

Abdul Rehman Anwar

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