There are various areas every parent must give weight on, these are social, cognitive, physical and emotional aspects of a child. These are crucial foundation that shape the kind of person they will be in the future. The role they take during playtime may somehow influence the way they communicate to others when they grow up, or the way they solve puzzles can perhaps harness their logic and unleash the thinker in them as they are being challenged with games that require muscular energy. Meanwhile, children who are exposed to outdoor games have bigger possibility of becoming athletically inclined, active and confident person in the future.


While it may look like mere fun with you seeing your child play with their favorite toys, your role as parent becomes more challenging. As children grow, your load of work becomes heavier — problem solving, physical and mental challenges are just few of the basic skill building exercises your child has to surpass.


Here are some techniques that will help your child go along with their environment.

  1. Make your playroom creative. You have to get your kid’s taste and integrate it as concept of their playroom. You can make it look magical, colorful, or a place where their favorite superheroes or disney princesses live. Make it interesting. Playrooms are the first classrooms of preschoolers so you have to make it enticing for kids to be zealous for learning. It must look really good.
  2. Pick the best innovative toys. Play builds the imagination. Pretending or imaginative play is one of the cornerstones of our child’s world. And kids usually demonstrate this behavior around the age of 2. Almost anything can spur your child’s imagination, including everyday objects. Kids fond of kitchen toys can use anything as ingredients for cooking as they do their own “role playing”. Some talk to their toys in a character they themselves created while others create images, symbols out of several pieces of wood puzzles. Kids vary in many ways, but parents have to know which toys suit their kids interest. The first three years can be experimental, so parents have to provide them with variety of toys and observe which one can make their playtime a learning adventure at the same time.
  3. Set up a mini cinema. This does not need to be grand. Just put up a TV set with well functioning speakers and you’ll have a mini cinema. Kids develop photographic memory at early age. Visuals are effective learning tools where they can easily comprehend a subject matter. How to videos can be of great help to your kids when developing their potential on speech, arithmetics, logic and many more. This also paves way for values formation where kids can learn the right conduct by watching cartoons or movies that highlight good values.
  4. Find a good set of lights. Create a nice ambiance. Aside from the painting or wallpaper you’ll have in your playroom it’s also good to consider the “lighting of the room” it must be cool so playrooms will look cozy. This will add effect to the concept you got earlier for your kids playroom.
  5. Make some rulebook. In order to discipline at early age, parents can make “10 Commandments” inside the playroom. This could include how they should keep the toys and the do’s and dont’s inside the room. The rulebook will allow your kids to become good follower in the future. By follower, we mean that they will become respectful and submissive to the law. This can be a good foundation of one’s character in the future and will enable them to foster their creativity by learning how to handle situations and exploring how to address problems without compromising the rules set.

These are just few of the creative strategies you can apply for your kids. Always remember to do it out of love so it would look more effective and awesome!

Abdul Rehman Anwar

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