Give your kids a taste of playtime they will cherish! Every parent would wish to freeze time so their kids won’t grow as fast as a tick of a clock.


Spending time with your kids may be one of the precious moments parents would love to keep, so it’s every parent’s wish to make the most of their kid’s childhood, making every second worthwhile!


Have you ever wonder how things would look like if children get to learn colors, shapes, and vocabulary at an early age?
If you’re a first time parent, an aunt or just a thoughtful friend who finds cute little kids worthy of receiving random gifts, maybe you can explore affordable toys that will make them smarter and advance their learning experience.


Studies show that toys and games do aid kids in learning language, improve their math-savvy, and makes them more creative. Well, no parent will allow their kids to be left behind. Some invest to prepare them before getting to a preschool. Here are four smart toy investments for the thinking kid:

  1. Construction toys
    Studies show that kids who play with complex structures out of blocks tend to score better on IQ tests and math tests. There are also a few experimental studies supporting the idea that block play helps kids develop all sorts of skills both spatial and verbal skills. Building or creating something out of legos is a good start in uncovering the inner geek in your kid.
  2. Puzzles
    Brain teasers are helpful to students who are just starting to explore the world. Many educators and psychologists vouched that children learn geometry and develop spatial skills when they tangram puzzles together. This also aids quick development in child’s intuition and understanding of the spatial terms—for example, what it means to “rotate” a shape or to judge two different shapes as “congruent.”
  3. Boardgames
    Board games can teach kids crucial math concepts. Based on studies, kids learn pattern and logic at early age with the aid of boardgames. Interestingly, they follow instructions and sometimes learn the pattern on their own.
  4. Solar and Robotic
    Veering from the traditional empty boxes, cardboard tubes, recycled finds you can pick at home, we find solar and robotic toys amazing. It’s pretty obvious that kids can easily be enticed by these kind of toys where science is present. This opens an avenue to be of connection to the world of physics making preschoolers and school-aged kids advance in many aspects and sometimes transform kids to creative problem-solver.

These are investments every parent should take into account. Make every investment count, choose the best smart toys in town! Click here for various choices!

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